Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program

Application and Selection Process for YES 2019 – 20

STEP-1 Preliminary Application 

Students who fulfill the Selection Criteria and agree to the Parent Student Agreement and General Program Rules (Please visit the website or facebook (, can apply for the scholarship. Female students, students with physical disabilities and students from non-elite and government schools who meet the criteria are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students who are eligible according to the Selection Criteria but their schools are not interested in participating in the YES program can apply independently. They can download the Preliminary Applications from the website ( or Facebook page ( and submit along with all the required documents via courier or mail. Please do not send any original documents. Any documents submitted are not returned. Only send the photocopies of the documents mentioned in the Preliminary Application.

The participating schools/organizations must collect fully completed Preliminary Applications with all required documents from students and submit the applications and required documents to the SIE Office, Karachi.

STEP-2 Entry Test

  • After initial Preliminary Application screening, short listed applicants will be notified for YES Entry Test through letters sent to their address mentioned in the Preliminary Applications.

STEP-3 Interviews

  • Students who pass the Entry Test will be sent/couriered Interview letters with YES Final Applications.
  • Students will be required to fill up YES Final Application and appear in Interviews. (Students must come with completed YES Final Application along with required documents.)


  • Students who get through the interview will be required to take English Language Test for International Students (ELTiS).

STEP-5 Final Evaluation

  • Final selection of students will be based on Entry Test, Interview, neatly filled completed YES Final Application with all required documents and ELTiS score.
  • The finalists will be notified by a letter and Scholarship Acceptance Form from the YES Program Director.

Keep checking the announcement section of YES website or Facebook page for updates and information.

Important Note:  Providing any false/forged documents or information or any discrepancy found at any stage of selection process will result in disqualification of the applicant.


SIE Office

88-H, P.E.C.H.S, Block-6, Karachi-75400, Sindh, Pakistan.  

Phone: 0333-2929960

E-mail: Web: